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What are the Most Haunted Hotels in New York City? (Maybe)

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

New York City has many historic hotels that have entertained guests for decades. Unfortunately, deaths happen in hotels., using its proprietary data, has compiled a list of some of Manhattan's classic hotels that have had the most suicides. Are they haunted? You be the judge.

Marriott Marquis Hotel - New York City

First on the list is the Marriott Marquis. The hotel is the newest on our list of potentially haunted hotels. It opened to the public 35 years ago in 1985. RoomSpook has recorded 14 suicide that have occurred at the hotel. One of the worst suicides happened ten years after the hotel opened. On July 20, 1995 is when George Carragonee, a 31 year old comic book writer, leaped from the 45th floor balcony, landing in the atrium below.

Empire Hotel - New York City

The Empire Hotel is next on our list of potentially haunted hotels in New York City. It welcomed the public on December 5, 1923, as guests rushed to stay there for the holiday season. To date, 22 suicides have been recorded by RoomSpook the hotel. One of the most gruesome murder/suicides in the hotel's long history happened on August 17, 1933. This is when Thomas Carroll, 44, separated from his wife and 11 children, proposed a meeting at the hotel to reconcile differences. When he met his wife at the hotel, he stabbed her and then himself. Carroll used a penknife with a three inch blade on the end. He slashed his wife throat and then stuck her in the stomach before stabbing himself five times in the heart. They both died a short time later.

Hotel Pennsylvania - New York City

Opening on January 25, 1919, the Hotel Pennsylvania remains an iconic New York City hotel to this day, over a hundred years later. The hotel has recorded the most suicides, currently at 32, in the RoomSpook database. One of the earliest suicides happened on June 15, 1921. On that date Kirk Moore jumped from the hotel to his death. He landed on the 7th avenue sidewalk curb, just missing a taxi cab. He was to stand trial the next day on child molestation charges after being caught inviting children into his car. Moore left a note to his wife that said in part: "Something broke in my head and I feel myself going." He was 28 years old and a graduate of Princeton University.

Hotel Martinique - New York City

The Hotel Martinique was constructed in the late 1800s. Eleven suicides have happened at the hotel. One was on February 26, 1918, when Antonio Maginski, inventor of wireless controls for torpedoes, shot himself at the hotel. Please visit to run a free search on your hotel. What will you find?

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