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What are the most haunted hotels in Los Angeles? (maybe)

Hotel Barclay

First on the list of possible haunted Los Angeles hotels is the Hotel Barclay. Formerly called the Van Nuys Hotel, it claims to be the oldest, continuously operating hotel in Downtown LA. It currently offers 160 in which guests can stay. RoomSpook has five murders recorded that happened at the hotel. The creepiest might have happened on New Year's Eve, 1937. On this date a 71 year old woman was found dead in her room, sitting in a chair. Her skull had been fractured by a brick that was on her bed. It was believed that a robber came in through her window. In 1905, Virgie Lee Griffin was strangled and stabbed to death by a man she met in a local bar. She had asked the man for $20 upon reaching her room. Her body was found in her room's clothes closet.

Millennium Biltmore

The next LA hotel on the list is the Millennium Biltmore. This classic hotel was originally called the Los Angeles Biltmore and opened to the public in 1923. By 1969 it was designated a historic hotel. RoomSpook has data on half a dozen suicides that occurred at the hotel. One of the saddest was in 1953 when a despondent waitress committed suicide by jumping from a high floor. On the way down she struck a metal canopy and her body then landed on the street.

Hollywood Roosevelt

With six suicides logged by RoomSpook is the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It opened 95 years ago, in 1927. Max Baer, a famous boxer, died of natural causes at the hotel. It was reported that he suffered two heart attacks in a row. He was 50 years old. There have been numerous reports of alleged hauntings at the hotel. The worst suicide was Frank Libby, who was 60 years old. In 1929 he wrapped a bathroom towel around his head and shot himself with a handgun. He was found lying on the bathroom floor and rushed to the hospital where he was not believed to have lived.


The Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles is next to appear on RoomSpook's list of possibly haunted hotels in the city. The hotel opened in 1906 and now offers single room housing. RoomSpook has at least seven suicides that have occurred at the hotel. One is the shocking story of Gertrude Schuchardt, a Milwaukee resident who was in L.A. with her husband for her health and mental wellbeing.While her husband was sleeping, she shut the door to the closet in their room and shot herself in the heart. She was 30 year old.

Cecil Hotel (Now Stay on Main)

The final hotel on the list is quite infamous. It is now called Stay on Main, but for many years was called the Cecil Hotel. Numerous murders and suicides have been reported at the hotel. There was even a Netflix documentary about one of them. The hotel opened in 1924. In the RoomSpook database there are listed thirteen--to possibly 15--suicides that have happened at the Cecil Hotel. One of the worst deaths was in 1944. The infant son of Dorothy Purcell was thrown from their hotel window to his death. The mother was only 19 years old. She gave birth to the child in her room at the hotel. At the time she was spending the night with her 38 year old boyfriend. She claimed to have thought the baby was dead when she tossed him out the window. allows travelers to search for unwanted “events” for free in their hotel, such as bed bugs, deaths and communicable diseases like Covid-19. It has data covering 450,000+ hotel rooms, 1,200+ hotels and 3,940+ events in Anaheim, Brooklyn, Lake Buena Vista, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, and Orlando. It is rapidly expanding to other markets. Patent pending. Visit to run a free search on your hotel. What will you find?

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