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What are the Most Haunted Hotels in Las Vegas? (Perhaps)

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, has many historic hotels that have entertained guests for decades. Unfortunately, deaths happen in hotels., using its proprietary data, has compiled a list of of Vegas hotels that have had the most recorded suicides. Are they haunted? You be the judge.

First on the list of potentially haunted hotels is the Luxor Hotel. The pyramid-shaped hotel opened to the public in 1993. RoomSpook has recorded at least 3 murders and 4 suicides/accidental deaths that have occurred at the iconic hotel. One of the worst murders was reported as a 16 year old prostitute who murdered in her room. It was reported that a woman in her 30s leaped from the 26th floor balcony into the atrium of the hotel. She landed at the entrance to the buffet.

Second on the list is the MGM Grand Hotel, which is perhaps the largest hotel with nearly 7,000 rooms. To say the least, a lot has gone on including 7 suicides/accidental deaths. There has also been at least one murder. In July 2012 a woman was reported to have jumped off the 35th story balcony of her hotel room after police broke in to arrest her on 11 counts of fraud and theft of $200,000. The most terrible event happened in November 1980 when 84 people died and nearly 700 were injured when a large broke out at the hotel.

The Sahara Hotel appears next on RoomSpook's list of potentially haunted hotels in Las Vegas. Eight suicides/accidental deaths have been recorded at the hotel. In June 1994, a hotel guest jumped or was thrown from his window to his death. He was staying on the 21st floor and was gaged and bound when he plunged. He was only 21 years old. One of the worst suicides happened in April of 2013 a 67 year old woman shot herself in the chest at the hotel. It was also reported that she might have killed her husband of the same age in their home days earlier.

The famous Caesars Palace has also had a number of deaths in its rooms since it opened in 1966. There have been at least 6 murders and 3 suicides/accidental deaths. One of the worst instances happened in January of 1991 when two Korean women from Los Angeles were attacked as they entered their hotel room. One had her throat cut from ear to ear and the other was strangled during the robbery. In February of 1982 a Vegas Strip comedian, who opened for Frank Sinatra, was found dead in his hotel room on the 4th floor. He was 58 years old.

The iconic Circus Circus Hotel, but not least, on RoomSpook's list of potentially haunted hotels in Las Vegas. At least 8 suicides/accidental deaths have happened at the hotel. In November of 1996 a hotel employee jumped from the 29th floor of the building to his death, landing on an extension roof above the Skyrise restaurant. When he opened the door to jump an alarm notified security who saw the jump on video camera. In June of 2018 there was a double murder in a room when a man and woman were stabbed multiple times during a robbery in their room at the hotel. The female was a Vietnam tour operator who was staying in the room with a male who was also stabbed. Two days before Valentine's Day in 2009, A hotel guest at the hotel fell off of an 8th floor balcony window of his hotel room. He was 21 years old. Friends stated he leaned out of the window to smoke., which allows travelers to search for unwanted “events” for free in their hotel such as bed bugs, deaths and communicable diseases like Covid-19, now has data covering 450,000+ hotel rooms, 1,200+ hotels and 3,940+ events in Anaheim, Brooklyn, Lake Buena Vista, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, and Orlando. The company is rapidly expanding to other markets. Patent pending. Please visit to run a free search on your hotel. What will you find?

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