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RoomSpook Launches in Los Angeles!, which allows travelers to search for unwanted “events” for free in hotels such as bed bugs, deaths and communicable diseases like Covid-19, has now launched in Los Angeles, California. RoomSpook LLC now has data covering 308,000+ hotel rooms, 800+ hotels and 3,500+ events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City. The company is rapidly expanding to other markets. Patent pending.

“The Cecil Hotel has been the subject of a number of recent documentaries on the unfortunate deaths that have occurred at the historic Los Angeles hotel,” says the founder of RoomSpook. “Travelers are now able to run a free search for unwanted events in their hotel like bed bugs, communicable diseases and suicides. A RoomSpook Report can then be purchased to ensure no event of interest with the company's database has occurred in their room or on their entire floor. This is information that Los Angles hotels are not required to disclose to travelers and until now have been able to hide."

Operation of the website is simple. Travelers run a free search to learn how many unwanted events have occurred in their hotel, which spans eight important unwanted events. is the first of its kind website, providing travelers with reports of bed bugs, communicable diseases such as Covid-19, deaths by accident, natural causes, suicides, assaults, shot by police or even murders that have taken place in a hotel of interest. If the search results list an unwanted event in the hotel that is of concern, travelers then buy a report that gives details of the unwanted event of interest to ensure it did not happen in their room or on the floor of their hotel on which they are staying.

Using travelers run an instant report that displays the following information about a hotel death if available and located: * Hotel name (Current and former) * Address * City * State * Postal Code * County * Country * Phone * Website * Person’s Name that Experienced the Event * Est. Date of Event * Type of Event (Bed bugs, Communicable Diseases, Murder, Suicide, Accident, Natural Causes, assaults, etc.) * Information About the event (Bed bug infestation, Fall down an elevator shaft, etc.) * Location in the Hotel (Room#, Elevator, Floor, Kitchen, Lobby, Pool, etc.) * Was the Person a Celebrity? * Profession of the Celebrity

Privately held RoomSpook LLC was founded in 2020 by frequent travelers who often wondered if there had been a death in their hotel room, or a bed bug infestation on their hotel floor, but were unable to do so because hotels are not required to disclose this information to guests.

Run a free hotel search today at

RoomSpook donates a percentage of every report purchased to the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

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