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Hotel Safety Tips

Hotel safety is key when you are traveling, especially if you are staying alone in a room. Below are tips to ensure your hotel stay is safe and secure, as modified from a list posted by the LAPD.

  • Keep your luggage attended at all times. Check your luggage with the hotel if you cannot go to your room immediately to lessen the risk of it getting stolen.

  • If you need a repair person to fix something in your room, such as a TV remote that is not working or a showerhead, do not stay alone in the room with that person. Instead, take your valuables and wait outside your room.

  • Ask the person checking you in not to speak your hotel room number out loud. If a hotel employee does say your room number, request a new room.

  • Do not enter your hotel room if you hear voices inside or if the door is open.

  • Upon entering your room check behind the curtains, under the bed, bathroom, shower, and closets to ensure no one is hiding in the room.

  • In case of emergency, locate the fire exits, including the stairs. Know the best way to get out of the hotel in an emergency in relation to the location of your room.

  • Use all interior locks on your hotel room door.

  • If a person calls to you from outside, never automatically open your door. If your door has a peephole, use it. Before opening your door, always ask the identity of the person outside. Hotel employees should have identification. If you have doubts, telephone the front desk for verification.

  • Leave valuables and important papers, such as jewelry and passports, secured in your room’s safe, not on a nightstand or in your luggage.

  • Check your luggage daily so that you will know immediately if something is missing.

  • Report suspicious activity to the front desk of the hotel.

  • Try not to speak too loudly on the phone so people outside your room are unable to hear you.

  • Never leave your hotel room door propped open even if you are inside the room.

  • If someone is loitering near your room, do not enter your room as they may try to push inside. Go directly to the front desk and report the person.

  • Never invite strangers to your room; this includes the food delivery person.

  • When you leave your room at night, turn on a light and leave a radio or television on to make it seem that the room is occupied.

  • Always pull the door shut by hand and double check it.

  • When retiring for the evening, make sure your key card is not outside in the door lock and that you have not dropped one of the two the hotel usually gives you.

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