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Hotel Bed Bugs and the Top 3 Ways to Avoid Them

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Bed bugs feed off blood, including human blood. Yikes. They infest warm, dark places. They are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night. Fabrics are a favorite place for them to hide. This includes mattresses and bedsheets. They typically bite in groups of three: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Below are five ways to avoid bed bugs in your hotel room.

1. Run a RoomSpook Report before checking into your hotel room allows hotel guests to run an instant report on their room, or even their entire floor, to see if an "event" like bed bugs has been reported by other guests. Savvy travelers run a RoomSpook report before they check into hotels and can easily change rooms if an event has been reported. Search your hotel now for free.

2. Check your sheets and mattress for bed bugs

Bed bugs are blackish grey in color and smaller than a dime. They are visible to the human eye. Be sure to inspect your sheets and mattress when you enter your room. Also check the corners of the room and drapes.

3. Be careful of your suitcase

The last thing you want is to bring those bed bug critters home with you in your suitcase. Place your suitcase up high, away from the carpeted floor or your bed, when entering your hotel room. If your room has a luggage stand, set it up and place your suitcase on top of it. You can also place your suitcase on top of a hard surface like a desk. Keep in mind that you can always put your suitcase on the tile floor of the bathroom where bed bugs are unlikely to be hiding. Some travelers go so far as to bring a plastic garbage bag with them and when they arrive in their hotel room, they put their suitcase in the bag.

Those are the top three ways to avoid bed bugs in your New York City hotel or where ever you are staying in the world. RoomSpook. Search. Sleep well.

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