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    About RoomSpook 

RoomSpook LLC was started by frequent business and vacation travelers curious to learn if any undesirable "events" had happened in their (expensive) hotel rooms. Bed bugs? Suicide? They were surprised to learn hotels had no legal obligation to disclose bed bugs or if a person had died in their hotel room. It was just the opposite. Hotels were trying to hide this information.

To no avail they searched for a website where they could run a report to see what "events" had happened in their room or even on the entire floor of their hotel. After one of them stayed in a pricey hotel room and got bitten by bed bugs, was born.


Since 2020 RoomSpook has let travelers sleep well while away from home. Travelers can search their hotel for free on If events are found they can buy an instant report to ensure there are no events in the RoomSpook database, such as a death in their room or bed bug reported on the floor of their hotel.

RoomSpook LLC is a privately held American company. It is founded and run by American employees and uses American programmers. RoomSpook donates a percentage of every RoomSpook Report purchased on the website to the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

RoomSpook tracks the following events that happen in hotels:

1. Bed bugs

2. Suicides

3. Murders

4. Accidents

5. Deaths by natural causes

6. Communicable diseases (Covid-19, legionaries disease, etc)

7. Rapes

8. Assaults

9. Shot by police


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